Let’s revisit the poem
1. Identify similar activities of the boy and the old man and write them down.
Both the little boy and the old man drop their spoons,  wet their pants and often cry.  
2. ‘I know what you mean...’ Why does the old man say so?
He understands what the boy says perfectly well because he is also facing the same situation.
3. Is the little boy or the old man satisfied? Why? Justify your answer.
No they were not satisfied.  Both of them were neglected by others in life. They were also disappointed of their bad habits like dropping spoons, wetting pants and crying. 
Activity 1
The little boy felt the warmth of a ‘wrinkled old hand’. Here ‘wrinkled old hand’ describes
old age. Add a few more words describing old age.
e.g. grey hair
poor eyesight
trembling hands
strained body movements
loss of appetite
Activity 2
Pick out lines from the poem and rewrite them in the form of a conversation.
Little boy : Sometimes I drop my spoon.
Old man : I do that too.
Little boy : I wet my pants.
Old Man : I too do that.
Little boy : I often cry.
Old man : I also do that.
Little boy : Grown-ups don't pay attention to me.
Old man : I can understand you.