Making A Mango Pickle

Let’s revisit the story

1. What similarities do you find between Apu and Durga?
They have the same taste and feelings- similar features like large eyes etc. Both of them are afraid of their mother.
2. Pick out the sentence which tells that Durga is pretty.
‘On her finely shaped face…her brother’s’.

3. ‘You stand by the back door and keep a look out’. Why does Apu say so?
Apu fears that his mother will come.

Activity 1

Who is the speaker?
You have read the story Making a Mango Pickle, haven’t you? Given below are some
dialogues taken from the story. Identify the speaker.

6th standard english notes of lesson 3-making a mango pickle

a. Durga
b. Apu
c. Durga
d. Mother
e. Apu

Activity 2

Read the story again. Write down which dialogue fits the expressions given.

6th standard english notes of lesson 3-making a mango pickle

  • a. ‘You stand by the back door and keep a look out.’-Anxiety 
  • b. ‘Where did you get them from, Didi?’- Happiness 
  • c. ‘But Ma will give it to me if I bring down the oil pot from the shelf’- Fear 
  • d. ‘Where is that monkey gone?’- Anger 
  • e. ‘They are right upon the shelf. I can't even reach it.’ - sadness

Project Work

The story revolves around a poor, Bengali Brahmin family in the early years of the 20th
century. The father, Harihar is a priest who is unable to make both ends meet. The
mother Sarbojoya, has the chief responsibility of raising her mischievious daughter
Durga and caring Indir, a distant aunt of Harihar. With the arrival of Apu in the family,
dramatic moments happen in their daily life.
Now, watch the film Pather Panchali and express your views in the space given.

Pather Panchali - In my view

1. What is the main theme of the film? 
2. Who are the other characters you see in the film, who are not in the text? 
3. Which scene in this film attracts you the most? Why? 
4. Identify a funny incident in the film. 
5. Mention the most tragic event in the film. 

Write an appreciation of the film Pather Panchali.

The time is early twentieth century, a remote village in Bengal. The film deals with a Brahmin family, a priest - Harihar, his wife Sarbajaya, daughter Durga, and his aged cousin Indir Thakrun - struggling to make both ends meet.Harihar is frequently away from home on work. The wife is raising her mischievous daughter Durga and caring for elderly cousin Indir, whose independent spirit sometimes irritates her... Apu is born. With the little boy's arrival, happiness, play and exploration uplift the children's daily life.
Durga and Apu share an intimate bond. They follow a candy seller whose wares they cannot afford, enjoy the theatre, discover a train and witness a marriage ceremony. They even face death of their aunt - Indir Thakrun. Durga is accused of a theft. She falls ill after a joyous dance in monsoon rains. On a stormy day, when Harihar is away on work, Durga dies. On Harihar's return, the family leaves their village in search of a new life in Benaras. The film closes with an image of Harihar, wife and son - Apu, slowly moving way in an ox cart.