Unit 1 Rain of Love

Life With Grandfather

Textual questions

1. Do you think Raja’s grandfather was a man respected by everyone? Pick out sentences from the story to justify your answer.

 Yes. ‘People respected him. They came to him for advice and help.

 2.What will you feel if somebody insists you to do something?

I will feel happy/sad/angry when somebody insist me to do something

3.Who helps you in your family when you are in trouble?





4. We saw many things around Raja’s house. List them out.

  • coconut tree
  • Coconut trees, 
  • mango trees,
  •  a very large garden etc.

5. What brings more colour to Raja's life?

 Playing with the calves, watching the birds in the garden, looking for jackals coming out of the grove, running after mongooses, catching butterflies etc.

 6. Who do you like to play with at home?


7. What was the reaction of the Grandfather when he was soaked in the shower?

He got angry.

8. Why did Raja select the loft in the cowshed as his hiding place?

He liked to hide in a place closer to his house.

9. ‘Grandmother was extremely worried when he knew that Raja was missing.’ Pick out the sentences from the passage which convey this idea.

‘When I did not turn up...... in the garden’.

10. Grandmother felt angry with Grandfather. Do you support the Grandmother? Why?

Yes . I support grandmother.Because Grandfather was very angry when the boy shook the sandalwood tree to make shower. It is because the boy went away from there when grandfather shouted at him. 

11. Why did Grandfather lose his temper?

Grandfather lost his temper because relatives and neighbours made a big issue.

12. Where might the people have searched for Raja? Why couldn’t they find him?

They searched for him in the fields,bushes, neighbour’s houses etc. They couldn’t find him because he was hiding in the loft of the cowshed.

13. ‘I wanted to come out.’ What prevented Raja from coming out?

The fear of being beaten.

14. What would Raja say to his grandfather when he returned home?

He would say sorry to him

Let’s revisit the story 

1. Pick out sentences from the story which show Grandmother’s love for Raja. 

‘She took good care of me. She could follow me like....’

 2. Raja loves both Grandmother and Grandfather. But they are somehow different. Compare the characters of Grandmother and Grandfather. 

Grandmother was kind and gentle. She took care of Raja. She was worried about Raja going away from home and being mischievous.Grandfather was a strict man and he never liked the other children coming to his house to play with Raja as he thought that Raja might be spoilt by them.

 3. Raja hid in the cowshed for a long time. Was it right to do so? Write your views in a few sentences.

No. It was not right. Parents always take good care of their children. Here Grandparents searched him everywhere. They worried about him till they found him. 

4. Did you like the story? Which part of the story did you like the most? Write a note on why you liked the story. 

Yes. I like the story very much. The details of the garden, trees, birds, butterflies, honeybees, fishes etc. His plays with little calves excited me. 

 5. In the story, Raja made a shower by shaking the sandalwood tree. It was great fun for him. You must have had such funny experiences in your life. Recollect and present such an experience before your friends in the class.

Activity 1

Go through the concept maps on Raja’s family and his homestead. 

Using the hints from the concept maps you have prepared, write a short description about your family.

 I live with my father, mother and brother. My brother is a mischievous boy. He is studying in the first standard. My father is a loving person and everyday he brings chocolates for my brother and me. My mother is a very strict person. My grandmother also lives with us. She is extremely caring. 

We live in a village. There is a pond behind our house. We have a small garden in front of our house and a number of trees surround our house. There is a paddy field by the side of our house.

Activity 2

Look at the pictures given below and fill in the boxes suitably.

1.Hey. look! shower, super!
2.Sorry. You will beat me.I am going
3. Shhh! Don’t make noise! Grandfather might find me.
4.He should not have frightened the poor child.
5.Poor boy.He should not have frightened the poor child.
6.Oh my God. please give the boy.I want him
7.Poor Grandfather! He is still praying for me. Will he be angry?

Event 1
Raja shakes the sandalwood tree. Raindrops shower on him and hisgrandfather.
Event 2
Grandfather gets angry and runs after Raja. He stumbles and falls.
Event 3
Raja hides in the loft of the cowshed.He observes everything happening at home.
Event 4
People make various comments about Raja’s disappearance. Grandfather gets angry with the people gathered there and asks them to search for Raja.
Event 5
Grandfather prays to God. When he opens his eyes, he sees Raja in front of him. Raja’s uncle had found him hiding in the loft.

Event no. 1
(The stage is decorated with flowers and trees. Raja, a ten year old boy, enters from the left
side of the stage.)
Raja : Oh, lovely flowers, big trees! Once again I have come here to see you.
Where are you my friends, my pretty butterflies, my sweet calves?
(Raja sees his grandfather standing under a tree, picking flowers from
the jasmine bush.)
Raja : (To himself) Hi…. What are you doing there under the tree?
Grandfather: All the flowers have fallen. I must collect them soon.
Raja : I want to have a shower. Oh tree! Give me rain. Give me rain.
(Raja shakes the tree and raindrops shower on Grandfather.
Grandfather gets angry. Raja hides behind the tree.)
Grandfather: You crazy boy… I will teach you a lesson.
You may blow up the remaining events including characters, dialogues, actions, etc. and prepare
a script.

Event No. 2

(Raja runs and grandfather runs after Raja) 
Raja (laughing): Ha…. Ha.. get me grandpa. Get me if you can. 
Grandfather (angrily): Hmm… Are you laughing at me? I’ll teach you a lesson, you naughty boy. (Grandfather falls down while running) 
Oh! Help me… help me… I have broken my legs. You little devil… 

Event No. 3 

(One or two desks in the class are arranged in the shape of the loft of a cowshed. 
Raja starts to climb onto the loft of the cowshed. Two or three cows watch Raja’s actions.) 
Cow 1: What’s this boy doing?
 Cow 2: I’m sure he has done some mischief. 
Cow 3: Look…. He is sitting on the loft and looking out for somebody. 
(Raja looks towards the cows.) 

Raja: Shh! Don't talk. He will come here. (to himself) I am in deep trouble. I’m sure grandfather will beat me if he finds me. How can I get home? This is a better place. I can see my house. My God. What's going on there? A large crowd is gathered there.

 (Scene changes. Grandmother who looks about seventy is seen on the stage. She has got a sad look on her face. She is sitting alone and thinking about her missing grandson. Grandfather enters and she gets angry with him.) 

Grandmother (angrily): He won’t come. You drove him away. I heard you say that you would beat him if he came home. Poor child, he is afraid of you and has run away. 

(Grandfather walks up and down the courtyard. Addresses the servants in an angry tone.) Grandfather: Why are you wasting your time? Why don’t you go and fetch him? To himself (remorsefully) Nothing has happened to the boy! I know, he is hiding somewhere. 

Event No. 4

 (Grandpa’s home. A big crowd in front of the house. Some people are heard talking among themselves.) 
First man: Something has happened to Raja. I think he is missing. 
Second man: Yes, what a good boy he was! 
First man: Yes.. Yes… he was so nice. Second man: (in a low voice) Shh... stop. His grandfather is coming. 

Event No. 5 

(Grandfather enters and turns towards the family temple)
 Grandfather (pleading): Oh God! Please give me my child back. I can’t wait any longer.

 (Raja’s uncle who is about 40 years of age enters bringing Raja along with him. 

They move towards the grandfather.)

 Uncle: Here’s your little devil. He was hiding in the loft.

 (Raja moves towards grandfather. Grandfather turns and finds Raja in front of him. He runs and hugs him.)

 Grandfather (relieved): Thank God… You brought my son back. 

Raja (crying): I’m sorry Grandpa. I won’t repeat this. I won't leave you grandpa. I love you.. Grandfather (in tears): I too love you very much dear... love you very much…. 

(Both of them look towards the temple and pray. All the people gather behind Raja and his grandfather) 

Curtain falls.

Activity 3

Look at the illustrations from this story. What are the characters doing here?
1. Grandfather is picking the flowers. (pick)
2. Raja is …………………….. the tree. (shake)
3. Raja is ……………………… at his grandfather. (laugh)
4. Grandfather ……………………… to God. (pray)
5. Raja …………………… in the loft of the cowshed. (hide)

Answers: 2. shaking. 3. laughing 4. is praying. 5. is hiding

Activity 4

Raja narrated the above incidents to his classmate. But some parts in the narration are missing. Use the hints from the brackets and complete it. 
When my grandfather was picking the flowers under the sandalwood tree, I went near him and ________ (shake) the tree. He ________ (get) a good shower but he ________ (become) very angry. He ________ (turn) to me with an angry look. I ________ (run) fast and ________ (go) to the cowshed. I ________ (take) shelter in the cowshed. Everyone ________ (search) for me. Nobody ________ (can) find me. My grandfather, grandmother and all my relatives ________ (get) worried. At last, my Uncle ________ (find) me and took me to my grandfather. My grandfather was very happy and he ________ (thank) God.


1. shook 2. got 3. became 4.turned 5. ran 6. went 7. took 8. searched 9. could 10. got 11. found
12. thanked

Activity 5 

After reading the story ‘Life with Grandfather’, Vinod, a student of Class VI, decided to send a message to his grandfather on the occasion of Grandparents Day. Some messages are given below. Put a tick mark on the messages which Vinod can send.

The greatest gift I ever had from God is you. Happy Grandparents Day. 

In remembrance of the first death anniversary of your beloved parents. 

Sending lots of love and wishes on your wedding anniversary. 

May your birthday be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. 

Thank you for being a great Grandfather. Your memories will always be there in my heart. 

Your marriage be blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives!

 A wonderful day filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and lasting memories to cherish in the days ahead. Happy Birthday. 

Heartfelt condolences. 

They say that you can count your true friends on one hand but not the candles on your birthday cake! Happy Birthday. 

I miss you Grandpa... You are the one with whom I can share all my secrets. May you live longer. 

Now, write a message to your grandfather on the ocassion of Grandparents Day.

When my parents were busy with their professional life, you two took care of me and shaped up my life. You gave all your time to teach me new things, to play with me and to be just amazing grandparents. You have a very special place in my life. Warm wishes on Grandparents Day!!